Published On: Mon, Sep 13th, 2021

Nicola Sturgeon savaged for SNP conference speech ‘spin’ over Brexit | Politics | News

Former Scottish Conservative MSP Michelle Ballantyne has slammed “spin” for over the shortage of lorry drivers in the UK. Ms Ballantyne tore into the Scottish First Minister on GB News after Ms Sturgeon made her keynote speech to the SNP Party Conference in which she appeared to argue  had caused food shortages. Ms Ballantyne attacked the claims as another example of Ms Sturgeon turning an issue into a cause for Scottish independence.

Ms Ballantyne told GB News: “They spin a good yarn and there is no doubt about it Nicola Sturgeon is very good on her feet.

“She speaks extremely eloquently.

“She is very good at turning the tables on everything that happens.

“You only have to take apart the speech to has just given today.”

“It is full of things that would lead the population to think ooh dear, oh gosh, you know Brexit has caused food shortages.

“But anyone with any sense or research knows that actually, those food shortages are due to the difficulties in moving goods around.

“Because of the Covid restrictions and lorry drivers are having real problems crossing boundaries and there is a difficulty in transporting goods.

“Lorry drivers aren't willing to go and end up quarantined somewhere for weeks on end.”

“Whilst branding the comments unacceptable, it is clear that In the world of Sturgeon it’s not what is said that matters but who has said it.

“Jane Godley must apparently be forgiven for her disgraceful utterings because they were simply a ‘misunderstanding’ by a well-meaning comic and outspoken supporter of independence, no harm meant!

“But in the real world Ms Godley was the SNP choice to front their campaigns, their comic genius whose sharp tongue and caustic vile wit were seen as a weapon against the enemies of their cause.

“Sturgeon encourages and promotes these foot soldiers and her gritted teeth statements of surprise and horror when their true nature is exposed is as shallow as Sturgeon’s support for the Union.”

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