Published On: Tue, Jul 20th, 2021

K-Pop Star Kris Wu Accused of Sexual Abuse

K-Pop star Kris Wu has been accused of raping a fan who has now claimed there are several other women with similar stories. 

The Canadian Rapper, once a member of the pop sensation Exo, has denied the allegations made by 19-year-old Du Meizhu, who told Chinese news forum NetEase of the incident. 

Du was 17 when she claimed Wu convinced her to visit his house under the pretense of an audition. However, when she wanted to leave, Wu and his management team reportedly blocked Du and insisted she stayed for drinks, according to Vice, which translated the interview. 

Du said she lost consciousness and later woke up to find herself on Wu's bed. She said he had raped her. 

Over the next few weeks, Du said she was under the impression that they were in a relationship, but the pop star then allegedly began ignoring her. It was at that point that she made contact with other women who shared similar stories. 

Wu denied the claims on social media.

“I only met Miss Du once at a friend’s gathering, I didn’t ply her with alcohol … I have never ‘coerced women into sex' or engaged in ‘date rape,'” he wrote, according to The Guardian, adding that he does not have sex with underage girls. His studio said it was taking legal action against the accuser. 

Du meanwhile said her life had been “ruined.”

“Although I have only ever slept with Wu, the public has long thought that I’m damaged goods,” she wrote in a Weibo post cited by The Guardian. 

Du further claimed she has been paid 500,000 yuan ($77,166) in hush money, but had returned it in installments, adding that she was prepared to go through legal procedures,  GlobalTimes reported. 

On Sunday she took to social media to call for Wu to “stand up like a man & announce he’s leaving the entertainment industry,” according to a translation by Chinese entertainment fan Dramapotatoe. She gave him 24 hours to respond and if not done, threatened to share detailed allegations against him.

Several sponsors have now cut ties with Wu. 

Tempo tissues, Chinese streaming site Tencent Video, KanS cosmetics, and laundry detergent maker Liby have all dropped contracts with Wu, according to New York Post. Additionally, brands including Lancome and Kiehl’s have scrubbed all social media content that featured Wu.

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