Published On: Sat, Aug 1st, 2020

State pension age change news: When will the UK state pension age next rise? | Personal Finance | Finance

The state pension age will keep rising in order to keep the “valuable” benefit “affordable” for the Government, according to an expert. Gareth Shaw, head of money at Which?, spoke to about when the next age change would occur. He also offered advice about combining private pensions with the state pension.

Mr Shaw said: “The age equalised, reaching 65 for men and women around November last year.

“Now it's on its next trajectory to 66, so you'll expect to see the state pension age increase again in 2027.

“Then it's projected to increase once again towards the end of the 2030s.

“The Government has made a decision that in order to keep something as valuable as the state pension affordable for the long term, it needs to increase the state pension age.”

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He continued: “That decision is made based on mortality rates, health and projections of longevity in different generations.

“Based on that, it thinks that people will work for longer and be healthier for longer.

“Therefore moving that retirement date, the state pension age, will make the state pension affordable for the longer term and still be something that people can enjoy and collect when they reach the appropriate age.

“That kind of view that alongside other pension saving initiatives.”

Mr Shaw told “You have to opt out of it and many people don't.

“I think the opt-out rate's around 10 percent, only one in 10 people opt out.

“So you're building up private savings for the first time, and then you get the additional bonus of the state pension.

“It might be that you can rely on your private savings to retire earlier if you wanted to and then you get the state pension at a later date.

“That will be a factor in its decision making.”

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