Published On: Sun, Jun 28th, 2020

Search Party Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: ‘The Whistleblower’

Search Party

The Whistleblower

Season 3

Episode 3

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5 stars

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Well, “The Whistleblower” certainly sets a high bar for the rest of the season, doesn’t it? Not only do we get Chelsea Peretti as Patsy — Elliott’s incredibly fun lawyer — but Portia, Dory, and Drew are pushed to new extremes with devastating consequences. Andrew Pierce Fleming and Matt Kriete wrote the season-two episode “Obsession,” which followed Elliott’s mental collapse, and they do amazing work with his character again. Elliott is the only character in the episode who benefits from his insecurities, particularly his need to impress straight kids as a child. “The Whistleblower” does an amazing job breaking down Portia and Dory’s friendship, introducing a stellar roster of guest stars and a possible new stalker without overwhelming the episode’s more emotional moments.

Elliott, Portia, and Drew finally confront Dory about her statement to the press, but she stands by her actions. She’s dedicated to her version of events and it finally makes Drew see her for who she is. They’re all psychopaths and he’s the only one who seems to feel any real remorse or guilt. That makes sense — he hasn’t had a moment to work through the fact that he’s a murderer, and Dory’s insistence that nothing happened doesn’t help. His anxiety manifests in a stomachache, but she even dismisses that as fake. She’s so wrapped up in seeming innocent for her own image that she can’t see Drew is having a hard time reconciling his actions with who he truly is: a good guy.

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