Published On: Thu, Jul 30th, 2020

Martin Lewis: Money Saving Expert uncovers major problem with Eat Out to Help Out app

The Help Out to Eat Out scheme is allowing restaurants to sign up for VAT cut meaning they can offer 50 percent off meals up to £10. Martin said: “The government’s new Eat Out to Help Out tool is launched – which restaurants near you are taking part?”

He went on: “Throughout August, the government is running an ‘Eat out to help out’ scheme – which gives 50 percent off food and non-alcoholic drink up to £10 per person on sit-down meals from Monday to Wednesday.

“It’ll work at over 53,000 restaurants and cafés.

“The government has just launched a new postcode checker which is really useful to help you find eligible restaurants.”

However, there are two important things to know about it, Martin said.

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Another app, not created by the government, does include big chains.

So far there are 3,000 restaurants and cafes on the app.

Co-designer Michael Lawes of the Eat Out to Help Out app said: “We decided to build something that made it easy to find all the information at your fingertips.

“We think it’s a great scheme but the government seems to be relying on posters in participating restaurants – and we want to digitally empower it.”

Martin Lewis also advised recently that Britons can claim over £100 for working from home

Martin revealed Britons can claim back money fro working from home.

He told viewers: “Were you working from home? Claim TAX back on added costs: If your employer required you to work from home, as many have done in recent months, and that means you've had increased costs, eg, heating and electricity, you're entitled to claim either tax-free extra cash from your employer or, a tax break.”

Britons can claim £6 per week. Most Britons have been working from home since March 16.

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