Published On: Tue, Sep 15th, 2020

LSU Football Coach: ‘Most of Our Players Have Caught’ the Coronavirus

Louisiana State University football coach Ed Orgeron announced Tuesday “most” but “not all of our players” have already contracted the coronavirus, adding “hopefully they won’t catch it again,” according to The Advocate.

Orgeron told reporters Tuesday “about three or four guys” on the team currently have COVID-19, but there are not “a lot of guys in quarantine” on the team.

“I think most, not all of our players, but most of our players have caught it,” he said. “So hopefully they won't catch it again, and hopefully they're not out for games.”

The school's athletic department has not publicly confirmed how many coronavirus cases have been detected.

“I'm not going to say all of them,” he continued. “But some players have caught it. I don't know the percentage. Hopefully that once you catch it, you don't get it again.”

Sports Illustrated reported last June at least 30 players on LSU's football team had been isolated, with five or six players testing positive for COVID-19. 

When asked about whether the players contracted the virus before or after they returned to campus, Orgeron said, “it's been a process,” adding later that most of the cases on the team came after players attended bars in the local, student-focused nightlife area called Tigerland.

The coach noted the official guidelines state that players who test positive for the coronavirus do not have to get tested for 90 days after they first present symptoms. Because of this, Orgeron thinks that most of the players who have caught the virus will be eligible to play by the start of the season.

“We look at the players that haven't caught it,” he said. “We talk to them about being very, very careful so they're eligible for games. We know that with the players haven't caught it, we have to have some backups in their position ready in case they catch it.”

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