Published On: Wed, Mar 25th, 2020

Kate Middleton news: Meghan Markle inspired Duchess to show ‘controversial qualities’

However, she looks to have become more casual in her style since Meghan joined the family.

Judi added: “Kate clearly has the natural ‘stardust’ factor that her husband lacks, but her speech-making style has previously been over-cautious, led by what looks like a strong desire to get it right and avoid mistakes.

“The likability factor has always been dominant, meaning her delivery has been very ‘royal ribbon-cutter’, i.e. the kind of formal speech style royals use when they’re launching a ship or opening a building.

“Recently though, Kate has appeared to be almost as keen to give her speeches the ‘wow’ factor as her husband.”

While on a royal tour of Pakistan in October last year, Kate seemed more relaxed when addressing the crowds.

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