Published On: Fri, Jul 31st, 2020

Flying ants: The simple household item which can get rid of flying ants

Flying ants prove a relentless pest alongside mosquitos and midges in the summer months. Insect populations increase dramatically while the temperatures warm up, and many people will seek solace in some bug spray or a net. But they can ward off flying ants with something much less specialist – dish soap.

Flying ants hate run-of-the-mill dish soap, a kitchen mainstay for nearly a century.

Dish soap is a commodity, and the anti-ant mixture requires little preparation.

The final product is also free of toxic components, as other sprays or electric zappers provide the quickest solution.

The only caveat to the method is that it is slightly less effective.

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People can also bring the fight to the ant population, rather than rely on defending themselves.

Mixing borax, which is toxic to ants, with a sugary treat or just sugar, may end up having a profound impact on a victim ant's colony.

When they bring the food back, any ant which comes in contact with the borax dies.

Making a paste and spreading it in an affected area will stick to surfaces, but those using borax should take care, as it is toxic to children and animals in high doses.

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